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Düsseldorf - Germany
feb 23 - 27, 2016
Exhibitor: CEIA S.p.A. - Hall 16 - Booth C116

La Roche Sur Foron - France
feb 25 - 28, 2016
Exhibitor: CEIA International S.A.S. - Induction

Rho, Milan - Italy
feb 27 - 29, 2016
Exhibitor: F.W. Haug GmbH & Co. KG

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CEIA’s unique technological solutions allow the manufacturing of power equipment with compact size, extremely high-energy efficiency and long-term reliability.

Hard Brazing

CEIA generators are particularly suitable for all solder-brazing applications of steel, copper, inox, aluminium items and other metallic alloys.

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Tin Soldering

Specialized control units can manage all the soldering working phases and accomplish a closed-loop control system that allows all the soldering parameters set by the operator to be respected.

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Tool Brazing

CEIA devices, thanks to the power output and to the extremely accurate temperature control, allow the heating to be limited to the soldering area only, thus safeguarding the metallurgical properties of the hard metal and cutting tip.

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Heating Treatment

CEIA generators perfectly adapt to hardening applications, surfacing hardening, annealing. The area and the heating depth depend in fact on the coil geometry and on the exposure time to the magnetic field.

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Aluminium Brazing

The aluminium brazing applications are particularly critical because the melting temperature of the brazing alloy is quite close to the melting temperature of the aluminium itself.

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Cap Sealing

High frequency devices, series 900, therefore, are extremely suitable for cap-sealing applications, where the speed, precision and repeatability of the heating are basic peculiarities.

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Warm Forming

Electromagnetic inspection is the most suitable and quickest method for checking non-metallic cargo.

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