INDUCTION Heating Systems

Tool Brazing

CEIA devices, thanks to the power output and to the extremely accurate temperature control, allow the heating to be limited to the soldering area only, thus safeguarding the metallurgical properties of the hard metal and cutting tip.

The alloy distribution can be applied using wire feeders having diameters from 0,3 to 1,5 mm.

The quantity, speed, feed force, and times of wire distribution are completely programmable.

The extremely reduced dimensions of the generators and of the heating heads allow the placement in any working environment.

Due to the adoption of the most up-to-date electronic technology and the use of advanced components, the high conversion efficiency (greater than 95%), allows a complete use of the line power contributing to reduce operating costs.

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Preferred products

Brazing of small-dimension diamond or hard-metal tools.

Localized brazing of medium-sized hard-metal tools.
Examples: corers, cutters, bush hammers.

Brazing of large tools for stone working.