INDUCTION Heating Systems

Power Cube® System 900

Precision Induction Heating Generator & Controller

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  • High power output / High efficiency
  • Very compact design
  • Continuous single output or alternate double output
  • Automatic tuning
  • Friendly user interface
  • Embedded temperature control with 3 control modes
  • Management of two optical pyrometers for heating temperature control
  • Field bus interface
  • Wide range of analog-digital I/O signals
  • Internal memory to store up to 50 working receipts
  • Stable and accurate output power even with variable load conditions
  • High safety: all models output isolated from the mains
  • Built-in self-diagnosis
  • Supplied with calibration certificate

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Power Cube System 900

Power Cube® System 900 is a high power, high frequency, induction 900 series Generator in a very compact size with an integrated Controller and a graphic TFT display for programming. Power Cube® System 900 provides all the features of the Power Cube® 900 generators along with embedded thermal cycle control, pyrometric temperature measurement and sophisticated interfaces with external logic controllers.

Power Cube System 900 - detail

Equipment Connection

The functions managed by the Generator include the temperature reading by means of CEIA optical pyrometers of the SLE series, the related power regulation and the activation (by means of relays) of antioxidant/cooling gas diffusers. A wide 3.5” high-resolution colour display allows the operator to access all programming function parameters quickly.

Integrated advanced Controller

  • Digital and analog control of the power
  • 3 programmable control modes
  • Piece temperature managed by one or two optical infrared sensors
  • Extremely fast closed-loop control algorithm (0.5ms feedback control time) for the most accurate power and temperature regulation
  • Constant and repeatable power generation via microprocessor control
  • Independent programming for each heating head
  • Internal memory with 50 sets of working parameters

SH/SLE Compact Optical Pyrometers

  • Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1
  • High accuracy & high measurement speed
  • Very compact design with stainless steel case
  • Available with different focus distance and aiming spot size
  • LED aiming light
  • Supplied with Calibration Report traceable to Certified International Standards

Interface Functions

The Field Bus and RS-232 interfaces allow connection to a PLC or custom external logic for remote programming, activation and control of the output power, of the temperature, of the operational status of the generator and any working parameter.