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WF Series

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Certificazione ISO 9001

Chicago, IL - United States of America
9 - 14 Settembre 2024
Espositore: CEIA USA Ltd. - Power Cube - East Building, Level 3 Booth 135446

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WF Series

WF Series - detail


CEIA solder dispensers consist of a power motor unit, and an applicator with piston to approach the piece during the soldering process.

The two units are connected by a flexible sheath, so that the applicator can be easily fixed to the soldering workstation.

Main control Parameters:

  • Quantity and speed of wire feeding
  • Quantity and speed of wire rewind
  • Activation time of alloy feeding
  • Wire feeding motor torque
  • Wire presence sensor

Feed Quantity0,0÷300,0 mm
Feed Rate1÷99 mm/s
Rewind Length0,0÷300,0 mm
Rewind Rate1÷99 mm/s
Manual Feed Rate1÷30 mm/s
Manual Rewind Rate1÷30 mm/s
Cylinder Delay0,0÷99,0 s
Max Current (Torque Control)50÷300 mA
Wire PresenceEnable/Disable

WS = Wire Sensor
Compact Hall Effect Sensor to generate an alarm when the brazing coil ends. The WS Sensors is powered from the Master Controller unit, and the error message “no wire” is provided directly by the Master Controller as well (open collector output).

WLC = Wire Length Control
Additional Encoder mounted directly at the wire output to make sure that the correct wire length set is feed out even in case of slipping of the motor driving wheel.


The new Wire Feeder, model PW3-WF / 1.5-V2, has been specially designed for dispensing silver alloy with a diameter of up to 1,6 mm. The model PW3-WF / STx.x-v2 is instead designed for the feeding of tin wire alloys, with diameter in the range of 0.8 ÷ 2.2 mm.

Small dimensions (the width is 95mm only) and low weight (3.6kg) make it easy to install the Feeder on automatic handling systems.
The dispensing nozzle can be mounted directly on the engine output, for a very compact installation, or through a flexible sheath.

The wire dragging system consists of two pairs of drive wheels, powered by a strong geared motor.

The drive wheels are easily and quickly replaceable; they are available either with a "V" groove for hard alloys (silver), and with a U profile for soft alloys (tin).

The Feeder also installs:
  • A WLC (Wire Length Control) integrated encoder for an accurate, reliable and repeatable wire feeding.
  • An easily adjustable pressure regulator with a large indicator to ensure the stability of the operating pressure even in the presence of pressure fluctuations on the compressed air line.
The powerful geared motor is also capable of working with very large and heavy reels (ie Ø 300mm, 12kg) to interlock automatic machines where a high degree of automation is required.