Power Cube Series 400 Generators


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Semicon West
San Francisco, CA - United States of America
9 - 11 Juli 2024
Aussteller: CEIA USA Ltd. - Power Cube

Chicago, IL - United States of America
9 - 14 September 2024
Aussteller: CEIA USA Ltd. - Power Cube - East Building, Level 3 Booth 135446

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  • Dual Alternate, high Power output
  • High level of performance with minimal operating costs
  • Compact Heating Heads
  • High Safety: all models are equipped with isolation transformer from the mains
  • Supplied with Calibration Certificate
  • Maintains stable and accurate output power even as working conditions change
  • Built-in Self-diagnosis
  • Digital and analog control of the output power
  • Interfaces with CEIA Master Controller V3+ unit to manage heating cycles (temperature, time and power)
  • Compliant with the Regulations on Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility
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Power Cube Series 400 Generators

Power Cube Series 400 Generators - detail

Very compact and integrable Generators

The Power Cube 400 HI-PE Series of High Frequency Generators includes two models with a power rating of 2.8 to 3.5kW. They combine the miniaturized CEIA Heating Head solution (patented) with a powerful, continuous-duty rated generator with so high efficiency that it can replace traditional generators in applications up to 12kW, thus cutting the initial investment and operating costs.

These compact devices are manufactured using solid-state technology and each has an embedded microprocessor. This guarantees stable power output as well as optimum operating frequency. The microprocessor also performs monitoring and diagnostic functions to inform the user of device status.

The generators have an ideal design for integration into automatic production systems. Space efficiency and simple operation also make these generators perfect for manual applications. All CEIA Power Cube Generators can be combined with the CEIA Master Controller V3+ unit. Each HI-PE Generator is accompanied by a calibration report that certifies the stability of the output voltage coming from the heating head.

The use of innovative technology and latest-generation components makes the 400 Series Generators extremely advantageous in terms of performance, power output and operational cost.