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Net Master Controller

Power Cube Generators Network Controller

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  • Induction Heating Process Automatization
  • Networked Control of Multiple Inductive Heaters and Optical Pyrometers
  • Manufacturing Automatic Machinery and Robot Systems
  • On-line Control and Certification of Inductive thermal processes

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Net Master Controller

Net Master Controller - detail

Typical applications: shrink fitting; tin soldering; tempering; annealing; brazing; bonding; cap sealing; hot forming; curing; localized heating; metal glass sealing; plastic reflow.

  • Accurate Management of up to Four Independent Thermal Processes
    • Four Power Cube Generators
    • Four Optical Pyrometers or Thermocouples
  • Thermal Profile Quality Control
    • Up to 20 Programmable Temperature and Time Segments per Process
    • Maximum Power Output Programmable for Each Individual Segment
    • Temperature Tolerance Window Programmable for Each Individual Segment
    • Out-of Tolerance and End-of-Cycle Outputs for Each Process
  • Full Logging Capability with Programmable Sampling Time
    • Date, Time, Temperature, Power of Each Individual Process
    • Cycle Quality Certification Through Logging of All Working Parameters
  • All Configuration, Working Parameters and Log Files Acquisition through http Server
  • External Management and Control of the Heating process through ModBus Protocol
  • Compliant with the applicable Regulations on Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility