INDUCTION Heating Systems

Power Cube SA/80 Series

Wideband Low-Medium Frequency 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 kW Green Generators

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  • High power output
  • High level of performance with minimal operating costs
  • Automatic tracking & best optimization to load
  • Constant, repeatable power generation via microprocessor control
  • Minimum cooling water flow required
  • High Safety: output insulation from the mains
  • Highly integrated with a small footprint
  • User Friendly Operations through graphical touch-screen interface
  • Stainless Steel casing
  • Compliant with Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations

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Power Cube SA/80 Series

The SA/80 Generator Series is a high power induction unit in a very compact size with embedded advanced microprocessor based control software and state-of-the-art electronics. This allows very high efficiencies (>96%) under a wide variety of workload conditions while maintaining precise, stable and repeatable output power.

Power Cube SA/80 Series - detail

Friendly Human Machine Interface: A wide 7” high-resolution touch screen panel allows the operator to access programming function parameters quickly. All the process parameters are continuously displayed on the Main screen: Coil Voltage; Coil Current; Output Power Setting and Real time Reading; Temperature Setting and Real time Reading; Cooling Water Temperature and Flow; Working Cell (Recipe); Generator Status (Alarm)

Generators Series with 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 kW powerFor more than 40 years CEIA has been manufacturing Inductive Heating Systems, achieving great experience in the field, and carrying out continuous R&D activities.

The SA/80 Generators and Network Matching (Heating Head) hardware design combined with a state-of-the-art power and control electronics allow an extremely high conversion efficiency and therefore a high reliability and low operating costs.

The embedded microprocessor control system is based on a wide feedback signals network, that allows a fine coil voltage and current control, and guarantees the consistency and accuracy of output power generation, suitable for highly repeatable production processes.

All the CEIA Generators are equipped with an isolation transformer that separates the coil output from the power supply line guaranteeing a high level of operator safety.

Automatic Output Matching to Wide Load Impedance

The SA/80 Generators adaption system to the load is fully automatic. The operator does not have to carry out any type of mechanical operation on the Generator or on the Heating Head.

This function selects the best Generator parameters, maximizing conversion efficiency at each set point power. This reduces the set up time and associated costs. Furthermore, during operation, a continuous and real time automatic tracking of the output matching is carried out in order to always meet the set point power even in case of workload condition changing. (i.e. heating temperature over curie point). This provides for the greatest possible efficiency during the entire heating cycle.

The SA Series Generators are therefore ideal for industrial production processes, where the maximum reliability, repeatability and output power accuracy are required together with wide load matching flexibility, fast set-up and low operation costs.

Integrated Web server and Data Log System

  • Integrated Webserver with 2-port 100base-T Ethernet switch
  • No client software required, only a web browser
  • Zero configuration network for simple setup
  • Built-in Rich Internet Application (RIA) for Status Monitoring, Remote Programming, Logging and Thermal Profile Management
  • Internal storage capacity for more than 100,000,000 data samples
The SA/80 series is equipped with integrated Data Log and Web Server system. It is possible to perform automatic data storage, for a proper process quality control, monitoring heating temperatures, output power, frequency, voltage and inductor current. An Ethernet TCP/IP port allows access to the internal web server of the Generator for remote programming settings and interface with SCADA / DCS systems.

Thermal Profile Management and Monitoring

Thanks to the Thermal Profile Monitoring software, coupled with the SH/SLE Optical Pyrometers, the user is now able to set specific temperature profiles, monitor and certify the heating process of each production item.
  • Up to 20 Programmable Temperature and Time Segments per Process
  • Up to 100 different storable processes
  • Maximum Power Output Programmable for Each Individual Segment
  • Temperature Tolerance Window Programmable for Each Individual Segment
  • Out-of Tolerance and End-of-Cycle Outputs for Each Process

Field Bus Management

  • Management and control of the heating process via Field Bus protocol:
    • Profinet
    • EtherCAT
    • EtherNet / IP
    • Others upon request (DeviceNet, Profibus, CANopen, CC-Link, CompoNet, ControlNet, Modbus-RTU or TCP, SERCOS III)
  • Field Bus and Network compliance certification available upon request

Thermocamera Control

  • Interface with Thermocamera via a direct Ethernet connection
  • Management of up to two independent zones of interest (ROI # 1 and ROI # 2).
  • Ideal for temperature control on large surfaces or in applications where the location of the hot spot moves during the heating process (Max Temperature Spot Automatic Tracking)
  • Simultaneous measurement and control of two different areas used to prevent over heating