INDUCTION Heating Systems

Warm Forming

CEIA Induction Generators, thanks to the extremely compact dimensions, can be easily integrated inside Forging Machines, for processes of Warm Forming (300-900°C) of an alloy of Titanium, Nickel, Steel, for the production of fasteners.
With a wide range of frequency and power, CEIA generators achieve excellent performances and very high yields of both magnetic and non-magnetic materials (Titanium alloy, Nickel, Steel).
The Heating Head and the Coil can be placed inside the machine, in the area between the feeding rolls and the cutting bushing.
All CEIA Generators have been studied to maximize the output power and minimize the energy consumption.

The microprocessor control system of the Generator, combined with the use of the SLE Optical Pyrometers Family (80 ÷ 2000 °C), allows to measure and to stabilize the heating temperature.
CEIA Controllers are also fitted with a Thermal Profile and Data Log for the storage of all parameters of the working cycle. This allows to certify the quality of production as always required, especially in aerospace and automotive industry.
CEIA Generators are all INDUSTRY 4.0 READY.

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Preferred products

Generators and heating heads extremely compact; Suitable for being integrated both outside and inside of the machine.
The high reliability allows continuous use without damaging downtimes.
The constant power delivery allows to obtain stable and repeatable performance over time.

Highly flexible use with both magnetic materials (ie Carbon Steel, C40, C45, AISI 400, Nickel ...) and non-magnetic (AISI 300, Titanium ...).