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SG Series - detail

The employment of an anti-oxidation gas diffusion system is often required in high-temperature brazing applications. In these cases, it is necessary to protect the heating zone with an inert atmosphere which facilitates diffusion of the soldering alloy and reduces the formation of oxides upon the metal to the minimum. For this purpose, CEIA has designed a device for gas diffusion which can be connected to the Power and Master Controller units. The SG100 kit consists of a set of electrovalves (to be time-programmed via the CEIA Control Units), a flow regulator and a diffusion system which can be positioned close to the item to be soldered.


SG10Gas diffuser with support
SG11Opening/closing Gas electrovalve
SG11aAddictional Opening/closing Gas electrovalve
SG12Flow Regulator with flowmeter
SG12aAddictional Flow Regulator with flowmeter