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Power Cube® Series 200 Generators

Medium-High Frequency Generators

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  • High Power output
  • High level of performance with minimal operating costs
  • Compact and integrable Heating Heads
  • High Safety: all models output isolated from the mains
  • Continuous generation
  • Built-in Self-diagnosis
  • Constant, repeatable power generation via microprocessor control
  • Highly integrated with a small footprint
  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • Interfaces with CEIA Master Controller V3+ unit to manage heating cycles (temperature, time and power)
  • Compliant with the Regulations on Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility


Power Cube Series 200 Generators


Power Cube Series 200 Generators - detail

The Power Cube® 200 series is the state-of-the-art in medium-high frequency generators available in the market. This family combine the miniaturized CEIA Heating Head solution (patented) with a powerful, continuous-duty rated generator with so high efficiency that it can replace traditional generators in applications up to double input power, thus cutting the initial investment and operating costs.

The 90-180-360-720/200 Power Cube® generators are complementary to the CEIA family of medium-frequency heaters, being perfectly suited to applications that require very rapid and localized heating.

The generators have an ideal design for integration into automatic production systems. Space efficiency and simple operation also make these generators perfect for manual applications.

All CEIA Power Cube® Generators can be combined with the CEIA Master Controller V3+ unit. They can even be interfaced with PCs or programmable controllers via their analog and RS-232 interfaces.

The use of innovative technology and latest-generation components places the 200 series generators in a class of their own in terms of performance, power output and operational cost.


 Power Cube® 90/200Power Cube® 180/200Power Cube® 360/200Power Cube® 720/200
Input / OutputMaximum absorbed power6,0 kW12,0 kW24,0 kW48,0 kW
Average output power at inductor90 kVAR180 kVAR360 kVAR720 kVAR
Supply voltage400 Vac ±10% 3~ 50/60 Hz
Water coolingpressure: 300 kPa - flow: 1,5 l/minpressure: 300 kPa - flow: 2 l/minpressure: 300 kPa - flow: 3 l/min
Operating conditionsOperating temperature+ 5 ÷ + 55 °C
Storage temperature- 25 ÷ + 70 °C
Relative humidity0 ÷ 95 % (without condensation)
Frequency Range150 kHz...220 kHz150 kHz...220 kHz150 kHz...220 kHz150 kHz...220 kHz
DimensionsGenerator195 mm x 304 mm x 426 mm490 mm x 496 mm x 768 mm600 mm x 650 mm x 1280 mm
Heating head120 mm x 200 mm x 170 mm (HH17)
80 mm x 120 mm x 197 mm (HH17C)
120 mm x 213 mm x 200 mm (HH18)120 mm x 274 mm x 200 mm (HH19)
Inductor holder150 mm150 mm150 mm
WeightGenerator21 kg90 kg190 kg
Heating head8.4 kg10.5 kg20 kg
ConformityComplies with international standards currently applicable for Electrical Safety (EN 60204-1) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EN 55011, EN 61000-6-2)




Technical Drawings
Technical Drawings