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Dual-Color Compact Pyrometer for Measurement of metallic surfaces between 300°C and 2200°C

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  • Temperature Range: Dual-color mode: 600 ÷ 2200 °C; Single-color mode: 300 ÷ 2200 °C
  • High Accuracy
  • High-Speed
  • Compact design
  • Available with different focus distance and aiming spot size
  • LED aiming light
  • Supplied with Calibration Report traceable to certified International Standards
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel Construction




CEIA SH2C/SLE - detail

The Thermal Profile System allows programming, quality certification and traceability of each thermal cycle. Up to 20 Programmable Temperature and Time Segments per Process; Up to 100 different storable processes; Maximum Power Output Programmable for Each Individual Segment; Temperature Tolerance Window Programmable for Each Individual Segment; Out-of Tolerance and End-of-Cycle Outputs for Each Process.

Along with the CEIA optical temperature sensors (SH/SLE series), the CEIA Controllers allow the implementation of efficient induction soldering systems and achievement of completely repeatable, economical heating processes and finished products: Master Controller v3 (Integrated Controller of Heating and Soldering Cycles); Power Controller v3 (Integrated Controller of Heating Cycles); Net Master Controller (Power Cube® Generators Network Controller)


ModelClose-up lensD Distance (mm)Spot Diameter (mm)D1 Distance1 (mm)Spot 1 Diameter (mm)D2 Distance2 (mm)Spot 2 Diameter (mm)
SH2C/SLE 300...2200°CIncluded55012.5100036200086

Temperature range300...2200 °C (Single-color mode); 600...2200 °C (Dual-color mode)
Temperature resolution0.1 °C (up to 999.9 °C)
1 °C (above 1000 °C)

Emissivity range

0.1-1.0 (Single-color mode); N/A (Dual-color mode)
Response time100 uS Time Constant
Measurement SpotAimingHigh Definition, 620 nm wavelength led beam
Internal digital controlsOffset and Range Calibration Parameters
Environmental Temperature Measurement and Correction
Automatic Gain Range Selection
Compatible controllersCEIA Power Controller v3, CEIA Master Controller v3, CEIA Net Master Controller
Power Supply+/-15 V - +10/-5 mA, directly supplied by CEIA Controllers
Connection cable4.8 mm (diameter) - 1.5...4 m (length)
HousingAISI 304 Stainless Steel
Weight100 g
Housing ProtectionIP65
Operating Temperature0°C...+65°C
Storage Temperature-25...+70°C
ConformityComplies with international standards currently applicable for Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)